Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Medical Practice at a Flying Doctor's Remote Site Clinic

Leading the team of medical personnel under the auspices of Flying Doctors Nigeria, our primary medical service is to respond quickly to any medical emergencies that may ensue from oil and gas exploration process. We also run a clinic where ailments like malaria, Respiratory Tract Infections e. t. c and some Chronic Medical conditions are attended to, to forestall complications. 

Exploration and Production as parts of upstream sector of oil and gas are the major activities embarked on in this field.
The oil and gas exploration site where we attend to patients is a marginal field still at the early production facility (EPF) phase located about ten minutes from the residential camp.
As a resident doctor in conjunction with other medical personnel, we do embark on a routine patrol with our well equipped Ambulance from the residential camp where the Clinic is located to the exploration site. 
Indigenous contractors and also Expatriates from Europe and Asia are the Clients who have been benefiting from our medical coverage. Weekly up to date reports of medical emergencies vis-à-vis clinic attendance are relayed to our head office for expertise feedback.

Since inception of my practice on site, there has not been any overwhelming medical emergency necessitating the need for medical evacuation. However there have been cases of referral to a nearby hospital from the site clinic for further management. 
The major challenges encountered on the field ranges from intermittent unrest on the part of host community to a complete disconnect from the larger society.
Remote site medical coverage in oil and gas is a worthwhile experience that will forever linger in my memory.

Dr Wale Amerijoye

Flying Doctors Nigeria.

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