Friday, 8 March 2013

Air Ambulances - Their Importance and Value

Have you ever heard of air ambulances? Well if not then, air ambulances are specialized aircraft where the interior has been configured as a mobile Intensive Care Unit, ICU. They are used when a more traditional means of medical transportation cannot be used to rescue a patient and transport him or her to the nearest hospital and are a new concept that is gaining a lot of importance and popularity.
Helicopters are the main form of this medical transportation, but now private Corporate Jets are also gaining a lot of popularity due to their flexibility, range, reliability, and flight comfort. This type of aircraft is significantly more flexible then other types of aircraft because of their ability to be configured with the latest intensive care unit equipment, these jets are well suited for transporting patients long distances, quickly, comfortable, and safely.
Fixed wing jet aircraft are best for transporting people who have had severe accidents or have fallen ill where they cannot be transported by conventional means either because of time or distance.For instance,An example would be during winter sports athletic competitions where there is a high probably for the competitors to face serious accidents during playing winter games.
Air ambulances are very well equipped with medical items and the quantities of medicine and specialized equipment are tailored for each specific mission. By reducing the amount of excess equipment the airplane carrying we are able to reduce the amount of weight that the aircraft has to carry. An example of this mission tailoring would be not bringing a kidney dialysis machine on a mission to transport someone who has a broken leg. All carry some standard equipment such as ventilators, CPR's, ECG's, monitoring units etc. All this equipment allows the crews to monitor and stabilize the patients till they reach to the hospital.
You do not need to worry about whether or not the crews onboard the aircraft are efficient and are very well trained. The crew knows how to handle a patient to stabilize their condition before they reach to a safe location. The crews are a team who know how to work together as a team and have the medical and flying experience. They have the experience and the training to stop profuse blood flood, any crushes and falling, cardio attack any many more.
The services that are offered by air ambulances are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week which means that whenever you call them you will be able to report to them regarding where you are stuck or have fallen ill. These services are provided for people who are within the local country or somewhere outside which means internationally as well. Once the advocate or the patient is able to contact the medical transportation provider, the flight coordinator will decide how urgent the situation is and what kind of medical treatment is needed for the patient to stabilize them before he or she is admitted to the hospital.
Air ambulances are also called Aero-medical evacuation, Medevac, Airevac, and Medical Flight. There are many different agencies that own or one can say operate aircraft configured as ambulances. Two of the main agencies are the government and those owned by private enterprise agencies.
Written by John Bohn, a professional pilot with Mercy Jets.

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