Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Highlights of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Conference 2013

 1. Nigeria's Oil And Gas Strategy In The Next Five Years- A New Dawn To Boost Investment And Production?

  • What are the next steps to Nigeria's oil and gas production?
  • How are the global economic crisis and uncertain oil prices impacting Nigeria?
  • How can Nigeria continue to attract investment amidst competition from other sub-Saharan African countries?
 2: Leading Lights Session
  • What is required to make Nigeria's oil and gas industry globally competitive?
  • How can countries place themselves in equal footing with other competitive resource holders?
  • Best practices in defining policy options

3: Setting Nigeria's Oil and Gas  Industry In A Domestic And Global Context- What Are The Challenges And Opportunities Ahead?
  • How are the global economic crisis and uncertain oil prices impacting Nigeria?
  • How can Nigeria continue to attract investment amidst competition from other Sub-Saharan African countries?
  • Creating an enabling environment for investment to boost oil and gas production
4: Revamping Nigeria's Oil and Gas Industry Through Increased Investment- From Upstream To Downstream
  • Boosting deep water production- what is needed to enhance investment in sector?
  • How can more players enter into deep water operations?
  • What is the best business model for the refining sector and how can private equity be obtained?

5: Panel Discussion; Gas, Power and Renewable- What Has Been Achieved And Where Are We Heading?
  • What has been achieved so far in terms of investment in the gas and power industries?
  • What is the financing strategy for domestic gas infrastructure
  • What progress has been made in electricity sector reform?
6: Leader's Panel; The Nigerian Oil And Gas Industry Moving Forward- What Are The Next Steps?
  • How will joint ventures evolve in Nigeria going forward?
  • Where will the drive for new exploration projects be?
  • Development plans in deep water projects
  • How will the PIB impact future E&P activities in  Nigeria
7: Focus On Independents; How Are Indigenous Companies Transforming The Nigerian Oil And Gas Industry?
  • Creating an enabling environment to encourage Nigerian Companies to enter and expand operations 
  • What are the fiscal and regulatory incentives that indigenous companies require?
  • How can indigenous companies access the technical know-how and financing to further their operations?
  • The divestment process from IOCs to indigenous companies: success and pitfalls?
8: Oil And Gas Stakeholders Forum; Community participation- What Has Been Achieved In Creating Win-Win Solutions For All Stakeholders In The Niger-Delta Region?
  • How are HSE initiatives impacting security in the Niger Delta Region
9: Focus on Petroleum Industry Bill- Is this A New Dawn For Nigeria?
CHAIR: Adeoye Adefulu, Partner, Odunjunrin & Adefulu
  • How will the PIB be implemented?
  • To what extent will the new fiscal terms encourage investments in deep water operations and increase production?
  • What is the impact of the PIB on indigenous Oil and Gas companies and what incentives exist?
  • What is the impact of the PIB on natural gas development projects?
10: Financing For Energy projects Along The Value Chain. What Are The Structures In Place?
  • What domestic and international markets are readily available for financial institutions in Nigeria to fund oil and gas projects?
  • What risks do bankers face in funding E&P project and what kinds of structures are used?
  • What is the appropriate framework for financing gas to power project?
  • What is the most effective ways for indigenous oil service companies to access funding in a typical Nigerian financial market? case study: The shell kobo fund.
  • How can downstream sector in Nigeria be financed sustain-ably?
11: Nigeria Content implementation So Far; How Do Different Stakeholders Interpret The Nigerian Content Act?
  • What has been achieved in Nigeria content implementation so far and what else needs to be done?
  • How have oil and gas divestment of assets boosted Nigerian content?
  • Lessons learnt from around the globe, how can Nigeria continue to succeed in Nigeria content implementation?
12: What Are The Legal And Operational Challenges And Opportunities Of Nigerian Content?
  • How can indigenous companies access adequate funding?
  • Implementing training to fill the skills gap
  • What support do suppliers need to meet operation requirements?
  • Improving the effectiveness of local contractors through technology transfer
  • Lowering costs through procurement and contracting strategies

13: What Are The Challenges And Opportunities Of Complying With Nigeria Content Requirement?
  • How do Nigeria content regulations provide a source of business opportunities?
  • How can indigenous companies access the technical know-how and training to further their operations?
  • What needs to be done to reach Nigeria content targets?
14: Human Capacity Development And HSE
  • Developing human capacity in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry
  • Remote health care in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry (Dr Ola Orekunrin, Medical Director of Flying Doctors Nigeria)
  • Nigeria: A systematic approach to managing fire safety on offshore installations
15: Gas To Power And Alternative Sources
  • Flare gas to power initiative in the Niger- Delta
  • Electricity provision to the host community MPNS sustain-ably and reliability 
  • The development of industrial estates powered by gas in non-producing oil and gas regions
  • Review on Methane Hydrate; A cost efficient potential source of future Energy
  • Gas process for power generation
  • The Nigeria midstream challenge caterpillar dynamic gas blending reducing and fuel cost 
16: Deep Water Engineering And Maintenance

  • Addressing challenge for unconventional gas condition using advanced integrated technology
  • Design for reliability in subsea production control systems
  • Oil and Gas asset life extensive
  • Asset integrity corrosion survey system
  • Flow assurance news innovating ways to manage your MEG reclamation and regeneration with pure mega

17: Flare Reduction And Gas Gathering Technology
  • Critical overview of gas flaring reduction in Nigeria Oil sector and its challenges
  • Safe and increased protection without extra flare load: has integrity pressure protection system
  • FPSO system with integrated GTL solution for associated gas
  • Associated gas haring reduction
  • A cost efferent solution for flare gas recovery
  • Innovating rotary slide drilling system: an indigenous rotary steer able system alternative.

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